How we reinvented BI

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    Small Cycle Data Collection/Visualization
    Our first priority is to provide value quickly. We work with you to collect data, understanding your reporting and analytics needs, and provide your first reports in days (not weeks). This initial data source and reports will be used to define the long-term data architecture. Deliver value now/Extend and harden later.
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    Leverage your Existing Systems
    The Adaptive Group is not interested in selling you a widget that doesnt meet your needs. Our specialty is adapting your existing resources to deliver the solution. Most of what your reporting and analytics needs can be accomplished with tools and systems that you already own and your users are familiar.
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    We work I.T. to make the relationship more valuable
    We don't compete with your I.T. group - instead we speak their language and provide the bridge between the business and technology. The overall success of your reporting project depends on our successful cooperation with your I.T. group.
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    Good Intelligence is Power
    Executives become heroes with empowering infomatics. Seeing the data in a way that helps them make decisions quickly, makes your business more competitive.

What sets The Adaptive Group apart-- Our people and our process

"The Adaptive Group delivers timely, actionable B.I. from multiple sources that lets business leaders and executives make forward-looking and decisive decisions."

You'll never talk to a salesperson. We don't have any. All of our people are passionate and articulate about delivering business intelligence solutions. All of our Solution Architects are experienced in all aspects of the BI process from reporting analytics requirements to data analysis and integration. Once one of our professionals is engaged with your project, they will stay with the project until completion.

We use an approach similar to NASA that consist of shorter project cycles focused on delivering value quickly, while using the results of those cycles as key elements of design and requirements for the larger, enterprise solution. You tell us what intelligence you need, then we quickly collect and display that data (usually in less than 2 weeks). If that's what you need, we then begin the process of building the data architecture necessary for long-term use.

Small cycles mean instant wins-- deliver data now, then add and extend later...

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