Invention Services

The Adaptive Group delivers timely, actionable business intelligence from multiple sources that lets business leaders and executives make forward-looking and decisive decisions.

Small-cycle/Fast-cycle development is a process developed by NASA engineers. We have adapted that process to take the sting out of BI projects.

  • BI projects costs too much
  • BI projects takes too long

First, we determine what you really need
Then, we deliver the data
Finally, we build the data architecture for long-term reliability

What we provide:

We make inventions

In many ways BI has been convoluted and twisted around into a marketing slogan with very little substance. A term used in a way to sell you another software product for “Data Integration and Dashboards”. If you are like most companies, you already own the products and technology we use to deliver... see more

Microsoft SharePoint Server is an integral part of business intelligence delivery. SharePoint provides an excellent platform for the deployment of executive dashboards, reports and end-user analytic tools... see more

The Adaptive Group has experienced developers who can assist you with the development and deployment of custom solutions. Our team can work with you to define the requirements for any solution, whether you are looking for a web-based application, desktop client application, or simply need a solution... see more