Invention Services

The Adaptive Group delivers timely, actionable business intelligence from multiple sources that lets business leaders and executives make forward-looking and decisive decisions.

Small-cycle/Fast-cycle development is a process developed by NASA engineers. We have adapted that process to take the sting out of BI projects.

  • BI projects costs too much
  • BI projects takes too long

First, we determine what you really need
Then, we deliver the data
Finally, we build the data architecture for long-term reliability

What we provide:

SharePoint Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint Server is an integral part of business intelligence delivery. SharePoint provides an excellent platform for the deployment of executive dashboards, reports and end-user analytic tools. Using SharePoint 2010/2013 and tools such as Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services our solutions allow users and business analyst to create and access the intelligence they need to make effective decisions.

We understand that the SharePoint infrastructure is critical to the overall BI solution, so our Solution Architects and Business Analyst are familiar with the design, deployment and configuration of SharePoint Server and the integrated components of SQL Server Reporting Services, Performance Point and PowerPivot (as well as Power View when using SQL Server 2012).

Integrated SharePoint Technologies used in Reporting and Analytics:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services: creating "fixed" reports that can be auto-generated by the system and emailed to recipients on a defined schedule.
  • Performance Point Services: used for Executive Dashboards to create a single pane for Executives to view key performance indicators.
  • PowerPivot for Excel: excellent tool for creating end-user analysis solutions, through pivot charts and tables with which many Excel powerusers are already familiar.
  • Power View for SQL 2012: when combined with Excel 2013, Power View provides a powerfull interface to build Exceutive style analysis tools with an easy to use interface for filtering and slicing of data.

More SharePoint Services

The Adaptive Group (formerly adaptiveSP), has a long history of assisting customers with the process of adapting SharePoint to meet their business needs. Whether you are looking for a custom document management solution, automating a paper-based business process, or simply looking for a more intuitive intranet, SharePoint 2010/2013 is an excellent platform to deliver these solutions.

Some examples of custom solutions that The Adaptive group has delivered using SharePoint Server:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Timesheet Entry and Reporting
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Academic Course and Student Management
  • Contract Management and Approval

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